Its ME

In a Mellow Mood

It's M.E.: In a mellow mood


1. Makin' whoopie (G.Khan / W. Donaldson)
2. Papermoon ( H. Arlen / E.Y. Harburg / B. Rose)
3. Roxanne (Sting)
4. Just the way you are (B. Joel)
5. Gee, baby (D. Redman / A. Razaf)
6. Tears of joy (J. Leiber / M. Stoller)
7. Everybody loves somebody (K. Lane / I. Taylor)
8. Route 66 (B. Troup)
9. Ain't nothing like a real thing (N. Ashford / V. Simpson)
10. As time goes by (H. Hupfeld)
11. I wanna be loved by you (H. Ruby / H. Stothart / B. Kalmar)
12. You are the sunshine of my life (S.Wonder)
13. Dream, dream, dream (E. Hüdepohl)
14. You are so beautiful (B.C. Fisher / B. Preston)

Martina Maschke (Leadvocals)
Ecki Hüdepohl (Piano, Vocals)

recorded and mixed between January and June 2008
by Ecki Hüdepohl at Fuchsbau-Studio, Hannover
mastered by Ossy Pfeiffer at Fridapark-Studio, Hannover
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