Its ME

Absolutely live

It?s M.E.: Absolutely live


1. You can if you think you can (Battiste)
2. I?m walking (Domino / Bartholomew)
3. Can?t buy me love (Lennon / McCartney)
4. Don't stop me now (Mercury)
5. Honkytonk blues (Williams)
6. She's driving me mad (Hüdepohl)
7. I just wanna say I love you so (Hüdepohl / Maschke)
8. Opposites attract (Hüdepohl / Maschke)
9. Sunny afternoon (Davies)
10. Mean mean man (Jackson)
11. I'll be there (Hüdepohl)
12. Kiss (Prince)
13. Bloodshot eyes (Penny / Hall)
14. Stand by me (King / Leiber / Stoller)
15. Venus (Leeuwen)
16. Let it be (Lennon / McCartney)

Martina Maschke (Leadvocals)
Ecki H?depohl (Piano, Vocals)
Christian Prescher (Drums, Vocals)

recorded by Robby Ballhause
live at the Jazzclub Nienburg on February 12th 2003
mixed and mastered at Land's End Studio, Hannover
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