Its ME

When the Blues come over me... Vol Two

It's M.E.: When the blues come over me...
Vol two

1. Meanest man in town (Hüdepohl)
2. Bad love (Hüdepohl)
3. Mardi Gras in New Orleans (Hüdepohl)
4. Mother earth keeps on turning (Hüdepohl)
5. Hole in one's heart (Hüdepohl)
6. Don't let me be the last one to know
7. Til the sun goes down (Hüdepohl)
8. One good reason (Hüdepohl)
9. Every little thing for love (Hüdepohl)
10. I don't know (Hüdepohl)
11. Mississippi witch (Hüdepohl)
12. I should have known better (Hüdepohl)
13. Stories like this (Hüdepohl)
14. A Letter from home (Hüdepohl)
15. Hole in one's heart - Fox mix(Hüdepohl)

Martina Maschke (Leadvocals, Ac. Guitar, Percussion)
Ecki Hüdepohl (Piano, Organ, Bass, Chimes, Vocals)
Werner Löhr (Drums, Percussion, Harp, Vocals)

Stefan Abel (Saxophone) Marc Hothan (Guitar, Harp, Dobro)

recorded, mixed and mastered by Klaus Peter "Doc" Reinicke at Graswege-Studio, Hannover in July 6th - 28th, 2009
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