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Free as a Bird

1. Free As A Bird (Hüdepohl)
2. Rock Will Never Die (Hüdepohl)
3. Dangerous Mind (Hüdepohl)
4. The Beauty Of Decay (Hüdepohl)
5. Haunted Ship (Hüdepohl)
6. Face The Hate (Hüdepohl)
7. Behind The Wall (Hüdepohl)
8. Ménage à Trois (Hüdepohl)
9. Riding On The Wind (Hüdepohl)
10. Whacky Tonight (Hüdepohl)
11. Purplelized (Hüdepohl)
12. Taste My Blood (Hüdepohl)
13. Cold November Night (Hüdepohl)

Martina Maschke (Leadvocals, Percussion)
Ecki Hüdepohl (Keyboards, Bass, Programming,
Werner Löhr (Drums, Vocals)

composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by
Ecki Hüdepohl at Fuchsbau Studio,
Hannover between June 2016 and July 2017
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