Its ME
Essence - The Best Of II

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Its ME

Essence - The Best Of II

01. Don´t Let Me Be The Last One To Know
02. I Keep My Eyes On You
03. Queen Of Spades
04. Precious Bird
05. Meanest Man In Town
06. Mother Earth Keeps On Turning
07. Summer Of 89
08. Bad Love
09. It´s Me
10. Hey Mr Big Man
11. Hole In One´s Heart
12. You´re Not A Better One
13. Nightowls
14. Pray
15. I Don´t Know
16. California One
17. Watching The Rain - Version 2018
18. Wilder Than A Hurricane
19. Hearts On Fire - Version 2018
20. I´ll Be There - Version 2018


Martina Maschke (Leadvocal, Percussion Acc. Guitar)
Ecki Hüdepohl (Keyboards, Bass, Accordeon, Vocal, Percussion, add. Guitars, Programming)
Alex Holtzmeyer (Drums, Vocal)
Werner Löhr (Drums, Vocal, Harmonica)
Gunnar Hoppe (Drums)
Kay Bremer (Bass)
Heike Busche (Doublebass)
Pit Schwaar (Guitar)
Marc Hothan (Guitar)
Markus Mayer (Guitar)
Stefan Abel (Saxophone)
Klaus-Peter Reinicke (Whistling)
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